These are some of the workshops I’ve led in non-classroom settings, such as libraries, bookstores, afterschool clubs, and summer camps.

Worldbuilding (ages 6-12, 2 weeks)
Two or three hours a day. Uses drawing, writing, and sculpture to spark a multimedia exploration of alien worlds. Participants will make a page about their own invented world on Wikispaces, and make alien claymations using iStopMotion.

Martian Postcards (1 day)
A two-hour workshop using Craig Raine’s poem “The Martian Sends a Postcard Home” to inspire a short creative writing exercise.

Fiction Writing Club (Gr. 4-6, 6 to 8 weeks)
An ongoing afterschool fiction club, with a customizable theme. I’ve done “Let’s Get Lost,” about being shipwrecked, and am eager to do “Let’s Get Small” with a Gulliver theme.

Interested in having me lead a workshop for your club or group? Email me at hatchmail at mindspring dot com.