The Elephants Are Coming!

Emily and Ruth and their keepers kindly hosted me at the elephant house at the Buttonwood Zoo while I was researching Elephant Talk.

I am at that breathless-with-excitement stage of book authorship, waiting to see my new book, Elephant Talk, all laid out with photographs. The talented folks at Lerner Books are busy researching images and matching them with the text and I just can’t wait to see the book take shape.


Welcome to my new website.

Elephant Talk, coming in the spring of 2011, will be my first new nonfiction kids’ science book since 1992 and my first new book since The Dragon of Never-Was in 2006. So it seemed time for a fresh, new website. Here you’ll be able to find out a lot about Elephant Talk and elephant communication, as well as explore the invented worlds of my novels, two series that begin with The Spellkey and Hatching Magic.