My latest nonfiction book for kids is Wild Animal Neighbors: Sharing Our Urban World, published in 2013 by Twenty-First Century Books. It’s on beyond racoons, focusing on some urban wildlife you may never have thought of, in cities in North America and on the other side of the world. (Hint: GIANT BATS.)

Elephant Talk came out in 2011. It was a delight to work on in every way. As I told my husband and son over and over during the year I researched and wrote the book, there is nothing about elephants that isn’t interesting. I did a lot of work in libraries and online, but also talked to scientists,  zoo keepers, mahouts, and experts on elephant snot! (Let me put it this way–if an elephant is about to sneeze, take cover!)

My other two nonfiction books are both older titles, developed with Kenneth Mallory for a series he edited for the New England Aquarium here in Boston. Both books were based on Aquarium exhibits, and both were published by Franklin Watts. Don’t Blink Now! is about animal behaviors that normally escape the attention of people. Spring Pool is about vernal ponds–the temporary, fish-free bodies of water that are essential breeding grounds for frogs, salamanders, and other creatures.


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