“K-Gr 1–As Shark Baby opens, the title character is still in his egg case (also called a mermaid’s purse), yet is curious about himself and the world around him. Rough waters jar the case loose from its kelp strand and when it tears slightly, Shark Baby is able to peek out and talk to other marine creatures. On the ocean floor, he meets a horn shark, a pajama shark, and then an octopus that suggests that he find the mermaid. The mermaid (really a manatee) sends him back to the kelp forest where he learns that he is a swell shark. The large, full-spread illustrations are appealing and support the gentle nature of the story. The book concludes with additional facts about sharks and their egg cases and a “True or False” quiz. No sources are listed. A short, sweet story about discovering one’s identity and finding one’s place in the world.”–Stephanie Farnlacher, Trace Crossings Elementary School, Hoover, AL
School Library Journal

Shark Baby is a beautifully illustrated and written tale of a brand new baby shark who goes on a search to find out what kind of shark he is. As he’s hurled about on a stormy ocean current, the reader meets other types of sharks and ultimately learns Shark Baby is a swell shark—one who, when feeling threatened, gulps in a great deal of water to swell up to twice his size. Following the story is a wonderful workbook that teaches children various facts about different types of sharks and will encourage some future marine biologists. This will be a great read for any child.”
Gregory S. Stone, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Marine and the Moore Center for Science Conservation International

“I read this book to my second graders and we all enjoyed it.  Children LOVE non-fiction and they have a real interest in sharks and sea life, maybe because we live in Southern California.  The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching. This book kind of reminded me of Stella Luna, where Stella Luna the bat thought she was a bird and nothing made sense to her.  In this book, the shark questions what kind of shark she/he is.  We learn about several types of sharks in the process. The books by Sylvan Dell are loaded with educational aids which make them worth so much more than just non-fiction books.  I will be using some of these aides to help prepare my students for CST testing in May.  The children loved learning about sharks!  Great read, great illustrations, great helps!” Sally,


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