Where Did the Fall Go?

Or the summer, for that matter? It went by in one long whooooooooosh.

I’ve been busy with my science editing business, writing museum exhibit copy, and finishing up my latest book for Lerner Books, Wild Animal Neighbors. Due out in Fall 2013, it tells the stories of seven different animal species in different cities across the U.S. and on the other side of the world. Stay tuned for more news about that, or follow my Citycritter feed on Twitter.

Meeting deadlines means that I finally had a chance to update this very neglected blog. You’ll see a new design, and a new tab above for Wild Animal Neighbors. There are also new goodies under the Shark Baby tab—links to identifying shark egg cases, a sneak preview of the art, and more. Since that book is being released in Spanish, I hope to add some Spanish-language resources.

I’ve been invited to take Elephant Talk on the road, up to Hope, Maine, and I plan to visit aquariums up and down the East Coast to promote Shark Baby. In the meantime, you can friend Shark Baby over on Facebook.