Since You Asked…

Whatever happened to Theodora and Wycca, Gideon and Iain, Dr. Naga and Vyrna? The sad story is that the publisher decided not to publish a third book in the Hatching Magic series. I have been working on a third book and, who knows, it may yet see the light of print. But not any time soon.

I have moved on to other things, mostly nonfiction: Elephant Talk, Shark Baby, and Wild Animal Neighbors. You can learn about those books by clicking the tabs above. And there are other fiction projects that I hope turn to soon.

I wish I had something more positive to report to all of you who have written asking about Hatching Magic, book 3. Your interest and palpable love for the characters means more to me than I can say.



One thought on “Since You Asked…

  1. I know you wrote this post a few months ago, but as I just found your blog, I hope you will excuse the late response 🙂

    You have completely made my day! I loved Hatching Magic, and adored The Dragon of Never-Was probably more then I had any right to. I read both books years ago now, but I still love Electra and William, and remember pretending I had my own ghost dog for quite a while.

    This might seem a bit strange, but for me the hope of a new book coming is just as good (or very close to it) as the actuality. Even if the third book is published in 10 years, I will probably plop down on the floor right there in the book store and begin reading. Of course, this does not stop me from hoping you finish writing and find a wonderful publisher much sooner then a decade from now 🙂

    Wishing you happy reading, happy writing, and a very happy Autumn, from an entirely happy fan,
    ~ Lucie

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