Sharks, Baby!

A swell shark egg case. Photo courtesy of Aquarium of the Pacific.

Who’s hatching from this egg case? SHARK BABY!

I’m happy to announce a new project with the folks at Sylvan Dell, a picture book with the working title SHARK BABY. This is very exciting, not just because it will be my first picture book with an illustrator, but because Sylvan Dell will publish in both English and Spanish and in both print and electronic editions.

Readers of my blog over at Science + Story will know I’m a big fan of these amazingly adapted, diverse, ancient survivors. But these magnificent animals are under siege all over the world, and it’s my hope that SHARK BABY will help sharks win new fans among young readers and their parents.

I have big plans for SHARK BABY, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Sharks, Baby!

  1. Welcome to the Sylvan Dell family, Ann! I can’t wait to see this one (although I confess I have had a long-standing terror of sharks…yet I enjoy *playing* with wolves. Go figure.)

    Scotti Cohn
    One Wolf Howls
    Big Cat, Little Kitty

    • Thanks, Scotti! I am looking forward to working with everyone at Sylvan Dell. I hope you find sharks and rays as fascinating as I do. So much more to them than, “My, what big teeth you have….”

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